automatic feedback suppressor


AUDIOLINK Network Audio System automatic feedback suppressor

Five-channel automatic mixer

4-line microphone input

Automatic noise frequency adjustment

VIS-FS100-A feedback suppressor uses a powerful signal processor and a fully automatic adaptive algorithm, which is easy to use. In addition to supporting 4-line / microphone input, it is also equipped with an AUDIOLINK digital audio cascade interface and supports 5 channel automatic mixer.

●Fully automatic high-speed howling suppression algorithm, no need to debug, ready to use

●Eliminate feedback

●Automatically adapt to the acoustic environment

●Up to 12DB additional gain to effectively prevent feedback

●Equalized line or microphone input to provide phantom power

●With AUDIOLINK digital cascade input and output interface

●Four microphone inputs and digital interface AUDIOLINK inputs with automatic mixer

Model for Order:

VIS-FS100-A ........ Five-channel Fully Automatic Feedback Suppressor

VIS-FS100 ........ Four-channel full-automatic feedback suppressor

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●The adaptive filter can switch between "Fast" mode and "Precise" mode. Fast mode is suitable for situations where the microphone position changes frequently. Adaptive filters converge at a slower rate, suppressing more reverberation components. Depending on the acoustic environment and the selected operating mode, an additional gain of up to 12DB can be obtained before acoustic feedback occurs.

●The feedback suppressor also has a built-in automatic mixer to achieve four microphone inputs. In many cases, such as on a podium, pulpit, or conference table, the use of the above two microphones can better capture the voice of a moving speaker, which often increases the risk of acoustic feedback. In view of this problem, the automatic mixer in the feedback suppressor will automatically reduce the gain of the microphone with a weak signal input, while increasing the gain of another microphone with a strong signal input. In this way, it can track the speaker on the move, producing the best sound clarity. At the same time, since the total amount of gain remains constant, a maximum volume is maintained without generating acoustic feedback.

●When the feedback suppressor is configured with two AUDIOLINK cascade interfaces, it is connected to the CLEACON series conference controller through the AUDIOLINK interface, and the conference controller outputs audio to the feedback suppressor for mixing output, and can be cascaded to the next feedback suppressor or Other devices with AUDIOLINK interface.

●Even if the feedback suppressor is switched to the "bypass" mode, the automatic mixer function still works.