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The full-digital interface box is a conference product specially designed to meet the special needs of the conference. The exterior is mini and lightweight, and the all-metal thin shell design can cope with any environment and can be easily installed under the table and table. Indirect seams or armrests can be connected to the VISSONIC hand microphone for conference environments without a conference table. Or when there is a need to customize a dedicated conference panel or a panel with special features, VIS-CIB can meet the diverse needs of customers.

When using an extended external custom panel, the VIS-CIB provides the following features:

● The plug-in gooseneck microphone dual-color display function can display the speech or wait for the speech status.

● For the panel of the chairman function: Provide the chairman function switch to turn off the delegate function.

● When it is a panel of the function: Provide speaking switch.

● Provides speaker output function, which can be used to selectively set the conference system loudspeakers on the panel.

● Supports the speaking timing function, which automatically turns off the microphone when the speaking time is cut off.

● The conference microphone function can be activated by voice control through the voice of the speaker.

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● Built-in DSP digital sound processor,48kHz High-quality sound sampling frequency for AGC function of the picked-up audio for devices such as gooseneck microphones on connected panels or handheld microphones. At the same time, it also has ANC function to filter out the noisy background audio in the conference space. Through the AFC function, the feedback problem can be processed effectively and quickly, avoiding the whistling of the microphone and affecting the quality of the conference. And can transmit high-definition lossless digital audio through digital audio processing technology

● All-in-one interface box with chairman and delegate switching function, only need to connect with the conference controller, and quickly and easily switch the device function settings directly from the controller menu, without using the computer, through the web program or It is a software setting.

● Ability to use the Cat5e cable with all VIS-DCP2000 full-digital conference controller and conference device are connected to each other and support hot-swap function. Users can join or remove the conference device at any time during the conference according to the needs of the conference, and will not affect any microphone in the conference

With digital ID configuration function, users can customize the representative ID address of the conference device before the conference by extending the external customized panel according to the needs of the conference, which can be used for sound group distribution and external output, or the conference microphone is used for the automatic tracking of the speaker image.