Visualized Silent Touch Design
Experience our visually appealing design with a curved panel and touch-sensitive buttons for a seamless user experience. The 2.5-inch display provides clear and intuitive information.
Fully Wireless Clean Desktop
Enjoy a clutter-free desktop with our wireless 5G Wi-Fi transmission, eliminating messy cables and keeping your workspace organized.
Multiple Microphone Options
Discover a variety of microphone options, offering different lengths and shapes, with our digital connection interface. Enjoy flexibility and outstanding sound quality.
Expandable Sound Tri-band Acoustic Units
Amplify conference audio using built-in speakers for everyday sound needs. For larger meetings, utilize Audio Link POE speaker columns to ensure optimal audio quality.
Easy-to-Use Voting, Polling, and Sign-in
Effortlessly initiate voting and polling using our chairman unit. Witness real-time results and visual charts when connected to a projector.


The encrypted hidden ID method, and special materials are selected for signal access, which can effectively provide excellent signals and excellent confidentiality. Multi-frequency self-adjustment technology, support 5Ghz/2.4Ghz signals

Our Own R&D

"AFC Feedback Suppression", "ANC Noise Cancellation", "AEC Echo Cancellation", and "Conference Camera Track" , bringing you a stable and pure audio conference system


Support for more functions through the back interface of the controller, central control, extension main unit, POE active audio, Dante protocol, Audio link™ protocol, analog signal

Technical Specifications

  • 6 meeting modes

    "OPEN" open mode "VOICE" voice control mode "FIFO" first in first out mode "APPLY" "PTT" "ALL" etc.

  • 16 segment EQ

    Achieve sound field adjustment; pressure limit, which can recognize the noise gate passed by human voice and support auto-mix technology

  • Single cable deployment

    All devices transmit 64 channels of audio and various information through a single CAT5e cable to complete the deployment

  • USB recording

    Recording and playback of the meeting process, with real-time monitoring function, support for USB interface to insert U disk recording

  • Audio Zone

    One conference controller can control or merge 4 meeting rooms.Cascade of controllers can manage, merge or separate bigger conference rooms.

  • Timed speaking

    The timed speaking mode can be selected directly on the controller panel, which is applicable to time-limited speeches, defenses, competitions, and public security law

  • Voting

    The one-click screen projection function can project the voting results such as the quantity order and the ranking order to the large screen

  • Main unit extension

    After expansion, it's carrying capacity of wired supports up to 5200 seats, and wireless supports 300 seats, supports dual-system hot backup function

Product List

Application Cases

MIPT conference hall
The hall is equipped with a wireless conference system VISSONIC CLEACON, consisting of 39 delegate units and 1 unit for the chairman. The consoles are connected to the central unit through an access point. To charge the batteries, the consoles have 5 charging boxes. Each box is capable of charging 8 batteries at the same time.
China-Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
the hall is equipped with 5G WIFI, wireless conference system .
Tevel District Legislative Council Russia
The Conference Rooms of Tevel District Legislative Council, Russia, finished its update by applying VISSONIC Digital Conference System July 2020.