dB-NET series Digital DSP Audio Matrix


AUDIOLINK Network Audio System dB-NET series Digital DSP Audio Matrix

Full-featured matrix mixing

built-in automatic mixer

Feedback cancellation,

Optional echo & noise cancellation modules

The dB-NET series digital audio processor is a freely designed audio processing and control system. It uses advanced DSP processing technology, with a new automatic mixing, feedback elimination algorithm, targeted to solve the application of the various practical problems in the scene. Because most of the control through the software operation, so the appearance can be more concise and lively. The operator simply click the next mouse, no longer as in the past, in the field to adjust the complex large-scale mixer to complete the function conversion, greatly simplifying the operational difficulty.

The processor family is a family of complex audio signals that use a built-in DSP chip that uses a standard 48KHz / 24bit (up to 192KHz / 32bit) high quality A / D and D / A converter for multi-channel analog Signal and digital signal interchange, the use of industry-leading Texas Instruments TI core processing chip (450MHz Flops), the balance, delay, matrix mixing and other conventional functions at ease, more built-in efficient audio algorithm, the main solution to the whistle, echo , Noise and other applications in the difficult problems.

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●8,12,16 CH balanced microphone input, using the phoenix plug

●8,12,16 CH balanced microphone output, using the phoenix plug

●A variety of audio formats in front panel can extend the USB multimedia storage for recording.

●Can control by PC, mobile phone, tablet, web, key panel, Control system and so on

●Main algorithms, such as built-in signal generator, auto mixing, feedback suppressor, echo cancellation, noise cancellation(optional) etc.

●Input per channel: preamplifier, signal generator, expander, compressor,5 parameters of equilibrium.

●Output per channel: 31 segment graphic equalization, delay, divider, limiter

●Full functional matrix mixing, with the built-in patented component matrix adjustment function.

●Built-in automatic video tracking function, easy to implement video conferencing, support scene presupposition function, power automatic protection memory function

●There are more than dozens of professional audio processing modules, such as: 5-band full parametric equalizer, 31-band graphic equalizer, high-precision compression and limiter, high-sensitive expansion and automatic gain, crossover, automatic mixing Amplifier, delayer, matrix mixer, component matrix adjuster, noise threshold, mute module, signal generator and signal indicator level meter, etc.

●The built-in media control code generator does not require the self application formula to edit the code.

●The equipment provides a universal programmable I/O port and sets firefighting functions.

●RS-232 bidirectional serial control interface; it can control other external devices such as video matrix, video camera and other RS-232 devices, or receive third party RS-232 control

●The phantom power supply (each input) +48 VDC10mA.