Flush Mount Microphone base


AUDIOLINK Network Audio System Flush Mount Microphone base

Flush mount microphone

Touch button design

Analog audio, digital audio dual signal

VIS-GSK-F is a flush mount gooseneck microphone base that can be connected to all range of VISSONIC M series microphones, the microphone can be removed from the base when it's not in use. The overall base is small and exquisite, with a touch button to switch the microphone on and off. It can be connected to the VIS-AIB analog microphone connection box and used in the CLEACON conference system, or it can connect to an analog system, such as the VIS-FS100-A automatic feedback suppressor, mixer, audio processor etc.

Model for Order:

VIS-GSK-F ........ Flush mount Gooseneck Microphone Base

VIS-MDA .......... Rectangular metal microphone

VIS-M220 ........  220mm microphone (black) with anti-wind foam cover

VIS-M330 ......... 330mm microphone (black) with anti-wind foam cover

VIS-M410 ........  410mm microphone (black) with anti-wind foam cover

VIS-M485 ......... 485mm microphone (black) with anti-wind foam cover

VIS-M600 ......... 600mm microphone (black) with anti-wind foam cover

VIS-AIB ............ Analog microphone connection box

VIS-DCP2000-D ..........All Digital Network DSP Conference System controller

VIS-FS100-A .............. Fully automatic feedback suppressor

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●Built-in microphone socket, suitable for VIS-M series 6-pin gooseneck microphone

●It is used for inconspicuous installation on the desktop with compact design.

●Capacitive touch switch button can be optionally installed to easily set the microphone off or on for sound pickup. The built-in switch can be used for control from remote equipment.

●Touch button comes with LED status light, operates with phantom power, provides white / red two colors

●Operation with 24-48V phantom power

●Output with 3-pin XLR or 3.5 Phoenix connector

●After inserting the microphone in place, the microphone comes with fasten lock, and the microphone can only be removed after unlock it

●Built-in RF filter

●Equipped with rubber isolators to reduce vibration noise on the installation surface