Single-screen 4K
Stunning view
Compared with the traditional splicing screen with its own splicing function, the X9 splicing processor has a strong "hardware advantage". Even if 288 channels of video signals are connected, supplemented by FPGA hardware architecture and frame synchronization technology, the picture is still clear and output display without delay.
Video output live preview
Live view
Using IP digital technology to detect the on-site screen, the software terminal can synchronize display the status and picture of the video wall, even if not on-site, the fault location and status are still clear. The signal preview can make every screen splicing and switching accurate and then display again.
Hybrid interfaces
Amazing transport rate
The chassis supports up to 144 channels of hybrid video card access, the status indicator of card can make it clear about the video signal access and disconnection, the IP video card supports long-distance low-latency transmission, and the transmission rate can reach 10Gbps per second.
Audio de-embedding
Intelligent management
For multi-screen video or dull static images, using "Audio Embedding and De-embedding" can extract the internal audio of the video separately or combine it with other videos, so that the video wall or multi-channel video can only play the specified audio, which perfectly solves the problem of audio management.
Easily operation
Rich platform
The system supports the software side of Windows and Android and the web side of Mac, iOS and Linux. The above platforms or devices can easily handle various operations such as screen switching or splicing.

Seamless Splicing

Frame synchronization optimization technology, 4K/8k video images of all channels can be spliced smoothly, with correction and compensation signal characteristics to reduce video stream bit errors.

FPGA Architecture

Pure hardware architecture design not only saves energy and reduces consumption, but also efficiently operates and processes the video signal stream. The device complete from power-on to display in 1s.

Hybrid Interfaces

Support all video interfaces on the market such as DVI 4K, HDMI 4K, VGA, YC, HDBaseT 4K, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, Dual-Link etc. fulfill full digital splicing and screen switching.

Technical Specifications

  • Character overlay

    Add welcome words, slogans, etc. on the splicing screen as rolling subtitles to set the font size, color, word spacing, and moving speed.

  • Videowall splicing

    A single device can use splicing and matrix switching functions at the same time, improve device integration, simplify configuration, and facilitate system construction.

  • Layer management

    Add a local picture source as a fixed bottom picture on a large screen, no base graphics machine or additional board is needed, no loss after power off, and automatic recovery after power on.

  • Preview

    Support preview by hardware, local viewing of real-time images of splicing screens, multiple sets of screens can be previewed at the same time, and the preview frame rate is up to 60hz.

  • Visual operation

    The control terminal previews the signal source and the display status of the splicing large screen in real time, and fully visualizes.

  • self-monitoring

    The status of each module of the equipment is monitored, and when the equipment fails, an alarm can be proactively prompted.

  • Splicing planning

    The equipment can be spliced or grouped in advance, saved or recalled to achieve different splicing effects for different scenes, up to 5 groups.

  • Video Rotation

    Customize the output interface or the corresponding layer, select one or more for video signal rotation.

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