Multi-function Microphone Box


AUDIOLINK Network Audio System Multi-function Microphone Box

Can connect dynamic microphone/condenser microphone

Analog audio to digital audio

Analog to digital converter

The VIS-AIB microphone interface box is designed to support VISSONIC conference microphone remotely installed under the table or armrest solution. With the phoenix connectors on both sides of the box, it can connect Dynamic mic/Boundary Condenser mic input, buttons and speakers on plate to control the conference unit etc. By the RJ45 port it can easily connect into existing VISSONIC conference microphone family to integrated into one part seamlessly.

It's an ideal solution for customized operation plate on the table and hide the main part of microphone, or any analog microphone like wired handheld type into the same system.

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●Compact metal cover design to mount under table or armrest of chair.

●VIS-AIB Microphone interface box is suitable for customized installation solutions. It allows to add a variety of functions to meet meeting needs. In addition, two separate audio inputs are provided, each with or without phantom power microphone, such as capacitor type or dynamic type.

●It also provides microphone switch button, priority button, approval button and corresponding LED light Phoenix interface, which is used to customize embedded button panel for gooseneck microphone.

●Adjustable sensitivity, compatible with different inputs

●RJ45 port to connect into VISSONIC networked system seamlessly

●It provides two phoenix stereo jacks for connecting to headphones, and two speaker outputs for connecting to speaker panels (VIS-SPK-F) or custom speakers.