Desktop Microphone with XLR Connector


AUDIOLINK Network Audio System Desktop Microphone with XLR Connector

XLR Connector Microphone

Desktop Microphone

Equipped with ON/OFF swtich

Equipped with light indicator

This microphone set is very suitable for use in lectures, teaching, conferences, and reports by using with the gooseneck conference microphone.

It is also equipped with button switch, which can control the microphone sound pick up to be ON/OFF, when it is turned off, it will make 55dB attenuation.

Manufactured with precise die-casting technology and equipped with anti-vibration rubber pads at the bottom to reduce noise caused by desktop vibration

● The low-profile design and matte coating can minimum the visibility when used in serious occasions.

● The improved microphone socket can reduce the swing of the microphone.

● Equipped with ON/OFF switch and light indicator, to show the status of mic.

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Phantom power requirements: 24~52V DC, 2 mA typical

Insertion loss* 1.2 dB

Off attenuation* 64 dB minimum

MIC attachment XLRF-type, Switch with LED

Dimensions: 110 mm x 160 mm x 39 mm (WxDxH)

Weight: 1.2 KG