Explore a world of vibrant visuals

the advanced 4:4:4 color sampling standard

Master the art of video wall displays

where what you see is what you get

Switch screens seamlessly and swiftly

digital switching averaging below 10ms

Customizable asymmetric signal design

break free from conventional IO limitations

Break distance barriers with KVM

VS helps you connect across cities effortlessly.

Intelligent scrolling banner

Automatic time/date sync, custom image font.

4k60 splicing processor

All operations visualised

Easy to manage with our visual back office software.

Demonstration Video
Watch our videos to learn more about the VS series Modular Video Wall Processor

Hardware Advantages

VS LED/LCD Video Wall Processor tackles diverse signal demands at the hardware level. For instance, in a project with 12 panels but 20 input sources, our VISSONIC 16-channel video matrix effortlessly handles all 20 signals for seamless integration.

Software Advantages

VS Video Matrix is renowned for its performance. The software supports "OTA" updates, allowing for seamless upgrades to meet user needs and provide new functionalities. It is compatible with Android, HarmonyOS, Windows, and iPad.

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learn handy tips for using the VS software.

Technical Features

  • Large Screen Integration

    VS can connect with different devices like LED, LCD, DLP, irregular-shaped screens, projectors, and more to seamlessly blend spaces and scenes.

  • Subtitle Display

    No need for banners when important guests visit. Simply choose the font, size, scrolling speed, and even vibrant colors for a cool subtitle display.

  • Signal Backup

    VS automatically switches to a backup signal, ensuring uninterrupted display during signal interruptions or failures.

  • Signal Encryption

    VS supports custom encryption formats for specific projects or scenarios, providing enhanced protection for your transmitted signals.

  • Smooth Transition

    Switching between screens or signal sources is now instant. With the efficient hardware architecture of FPGA, there are no delays or black screens during transitions.

  • Logo Display

    For live camera production or broadcasting, accurately position your logo with the overlay feature. You can even designate an area for displaying data.

  • Signal Mixing

    VS supports mixing different signal types (HDMI, VGA, SDI, HDbaset) using interface and input/output cards.

  • Long-Distance Transmission

    Combined with signal encryption, it enables secure transmission across cities. This transmission requires fiber optic or custom cables.

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