Handheld Microphone


AUDIOLINK Network Audio System Handheld Microphone

Two-color LED ring & Dual function switch

Heart-shaped and Low noise pickup

Rear electret condenser pickup

Double rubber suspension pickup

Highly close SPL level

Dual function switch

The VIS-HM100 is a handheld conference microphone for the CLEACON system. The microphone is designed for the CLEACON series of conference units VIS-CIB. Applications for this microphone include a pressroom where the speaker needs to stand up, an auditorium, etc., or where the microphone must be hidden when not in use. The microphone features a low-noise condenser core design for clear speech and reduced feedback through a cardioid directional mode. The mic core is acoustically and mechanically isolated to prevent the microphone from picking up mechanical noise from the table. There is a large illuminated ring on the microphone that indicates when the microphone is turned on. The switch is used to turn the microphone on/off or to add a unit to the request queue. The microphone is supplied with a professional 6-pin XLR plug for use with spiral or straight cable.

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●LED ring indicator

●Heart-shaped pickup

●Rear electret condenser pickup

●Double rubber suspension pickup

●Highly close SPL level

●Low noise pickup

●Dual function switch

●Two-color LED