Hardware Expansion
Easy installation & deployment
This transmitter is equipped with a wealth of interfaces that can be used to expand any VISSONIC device. The radiation board and charging box can all be used in cascade, reducing the difficulty of system setup.
Ultra-wide Signal
More freedom to move
270° ultra-wide reception angle, 76-meter signal range. The unique curved wide-angle panel is a signal amplifier for large venues. You can move freely in the venue without limiting the signal.
Visual Operation
Clear at a glance
How to restore if I accidentally press another channel? Piece of cake! Language and channel numbers can be displayed on the screen to help you find what you need quickly! Signal strength, battery level and volume are also displayed.
Compact Size
Easy to adjust at will
The curved shape fits perfectly in the palm. Scroll wheel on the left side to adjust volume, tactile buttons on the right side to select channels, 4/8/16/32 channels available, slightly sunken button pressure to reduce missed touches.
Separate Adjustment
Flexible independent control
The speaker and headphone volume can be adjusted separately to solve the listening needs of different interpreters. The sensitivity of each audio channel can be changed, and the audio level can be fine-tuned to control each channel independently.

Communication Technology.

Wireless communications are susceptible to interference and interception by other radio waves. Therefore, infrared signals are transmitted only indoors using the principle of refraction and diffuse reflection.

Audio Technology

The DQSK digital modulation/demodulation technique, which uses a frequency band of 2-8 MHz, eliminates interference from high-frequency light sources. Up to 63+1 voice channels can be received.

Extended Technology

With the AUDIO-LINK audio protocol, all VISSONIS devices can be integrated. Equipped with the DANTE audio protocol, it allows centralized control, monitoring and polling of the device status.

Technical Specifications

  • On-the-go

    The receiver is small and light. It can be worn in two ways: as a lavalier or as a portable device, allowing users to move freely around the venue.

  • Digital Interpretation

    3 milliseconds to receive speech or translated content. There is no waiting time when switching to another voice channel.。

  • Smart settings

    Unconnected receivers are automatically closed to save power. The panel can adjust the power consumption according to temperature.

  • Emergency broadcast

    In case of an emergency, all channels can receive the broadcast, which reduces operations and speeds up communication.

  • Background music

    The transmitter can distribute music to all channels during breaks. Reduces unnecessary equipment for backstage work.

  • Tea Request

    Translators' needs are fed into the backend via the CALL button. Silent processing avoids interruptions in translation.

  • Cough cancellation

    Press the COUGH button to mute the microphone and avoid the embarrassment of outputting unnecessary sounds.

  • Separate adjustment

    The transmitter can fine-tune each input sound level, and the volume of the speakers and headphones can be adjusted separately.

Product List

Application Cases

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