Designated speech mode
A new meeting experience
Besides 6 speech modes , designated speech mode has been add to system ,the microphone can be turned on by chairman unit or the management controller without manual turning on.
Three ways of charging
Uninterrupted power supply
In continuous meetings, we do not want to be the source of your meeting anxiety due to the power of the equipment. You can charge via PoE network or replace the battery or charged directly with the unit base to eliminate your "power anxiety".
Capacitive touchscreen
Never miss important agenda
Equipped with a 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen, it can be set to display important matters with the progress of the theme agenda. Various information can be show by the default quasi-physical clock ,the capacitive touchscreen is more convenient for users to operate.
built-in loudspeaker
Powerful three-frequency sound field
Built-in high-quality three-band balanced speakers, can replace the PA system in small conferences and a backup in medium and large conferences to avoid sudden sound reinforcement failures and ensure the normal progress of the conference.
Wireless update
Convenient Firmware upgrade
The wireless MCU upgrade function can perform cluster upgrades . When firmware updates are available, devices can be upgraded wirelessly, adding device functions and updating systems such as "smart EQ adjustment, smart screen brightening, etc.".

Communication technology

Without interference in conference communication is very important. We have done multiple authentication technically, including (Hidden Ssid) technology based only on locally managed (Ieee Mac filtering)address technology, blocking unfamiliar devices to ensure the stability of wireless conferences.

R & D technology

A large number of patented technologies has been applied for the new touch screen wireless conference, including the first introduction of class (Mesh networking) and (Krv certification) technology on conference equipment, which means that your wireless conference unit will be scanned and connected prior to other wireless devices.

Extended technology

Equipped with the Audio Link audio protocol, it can control the audio equipment in the system. Multiple conference units can form a small wireless simultaneous interpretation. The signal coverage can be optional wired or wireless backhaul, and coverage roaming is compatible with Dante and analog audio.

Technical Specifications

  • Information touch screen

    The 4.3-inch capacitive touch screen can provide a rich meeting experience for meeting themes, meeting agendas, and voting.

  • Simultaneous interpretation

    Using digital wireless for simultaneous interpretation, compared with traditional infrared wireless technology, there is no need to worry about distance and angle.

  • Balance adjustment

    The conference controller provides a variety of Eq and Dsp adjustments, and the unit provides 8-stage equalization adjustment with a one-key reset option.

  • camera tracking

    Act as a expert on site , The camera can automatically track and focus the participants when the unit speaks by setting the angle and range.

  • Speaking mode

    7 kinds of speech modes, designated speech mode can be set to remind participants to speak by the screen and microphone indicator light.

  • Vote

    Voting can choose support, abstention, and disapproval. Voting can choose five or three keys, and it will be displayed on the unit in real time.

  • Tea application

    The tea application button can feedback your needs to service department silently , which can avoid the interruption of the speech.

  • Built-in sound loudspeaker

    High-quality speakers can replace PA in the conference room, and built-in sound solution can also be used when the venue sound reinforcement fails.

Product List

Application Cases

MIPT conference hall
The hall is equipped with a wireless conference system VISSONIC CLEACON, consisting of 39 delegate units and 1 unit for the chairman. The consoles are connected to the central unit through an access point. To charge the batteries, the consoles have 5 charging boxes. Each box is capable of charging 8 batteries at the same time.
China-Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
the hall is equipped with 5G WIFI, wireless conference system .
Tevel District Legislative Council Russia
The Conference Rooms of Tevel District Legislative Council, Russia, finished its update by applying VISSONIC Digital Conference System July 2020.