Controller of Paperless Multimedia Conference System


NETLINK Paperless Multimedia System Controller of Paperless Multimedia Conference System

Intel Core I5 CPU

8GB memory

128G Solid State Drive (SSD) 

The controller of paperless multimedia conference system is installed with the server software of paperless multimedia conference system, it provides the GUI based on B/S architecture through the network. It can simultaneously manage multiple paperless multimedia conference rooms, and provides the functions including conference room reservation management, conference device management, personnel information upload, conference theme setting, role permission management, conference data upload, and post-conference data archiving.

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● With a stylish appearance, it adopts the anodic oxidation brushing process and the design with aluminum alloy panels and an integrated electro-galvanized sheet. It can withstand contact-type 6KV electromagnetic interference.

● The enterprise-level platform design ensures high stability and reliability. The service life is at least 5 years. Wide voltage input 100-240V is supported.

● It can establish communication between the server side and the client side of the paperless multimedia conference system.

● The B/S architecture enables any computer or mobile device to access the server through a browser, verify the authorized user, and manage the conference room. Users can manage multiple conference rooms within the system at a time, set reservations and conference content for each room, and manage the devices.

● Seat management -- Sets the seat layout and personnel ID positions for a conference room.

● Nameplate management -- Sets the name and position of participants for each seat, and synchronizes them to the nameplate on the seats.

● Projection management -- Set the projection content corresponding to each topic. Images are supported, and text can be freely edited.

● Departmental management -- Records, modifies, and manages personnel by the department. The information entered into the system can be saved to facilitate personnel queries. Internal conferences, interdepartmental conferences, and their combinations are supported.

● User management -- Sets different personnel management rights, including system admin, conference admin, and other rights, to ensure the security of system information and system settings.

● Conference management -- Configures the conference staff and manages the agenda for a conference.

● Participant management -- Configures, queries, and adjusts the attendees of each conference at

any time.

● File management -- Imports the files required for a conference topic into the system in advance and binds them to the topic for easy access by participants.

● Topic management -- Supports agenda management and multi-topic conferences and controls the topic progress to ensure that the conference is efficient.

● Control management -- Connects to the control system to manage the environmental devices, projection devices, and paperless devices in each room.

● Parameter setting -- Provides system interface and function customization to meet personalized enterprise requirements.