Voting & IC Card Reading Module


NETLINK Paperless Multimedia System Voting & IC Card Reading Module

IC card for authentication

Special conneting design for easy mount

Front soft light LED indicator

LED flashes to guide users to sign in/vote

Hardware module expansion at any time based on needs, including gooseneck microphone, voting, IC card, speakers, and other customizable modules for combination. This hardware function module can transmit full digital signals

● Has a PCI-E male socket for tablet connection

● Three-button voting panel: Agree, Disagree, and Abstain

● Includes a contactless IC card slot for sign-in

● Detachable with positioning rails for easy tablet connection

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● Built in RFID card identification, sign-in by IC card

● Three-button voting (Agree, Disagree, Abstain) or rating 

● Graphic signs for assisting users in sign-in

● Works with VIS-PMU to achieve voting sign-in by IC card, including the VIS-PVOT voting software license