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VIS-Quad41 multiviewer and switcher is a high-performance image processor, and it's main function is turn 4 BNC、VGA、HDMI input signal into 1 HD HDMI and VGA signal, which make 4  digital signal display in one HD screen unit synchronously and HDMI signal with USB(like mouse、keyboard) can be switched synchronously. VIS-Quad41 multi-viewer and switcher support various kinds display unit with HDMI, such as: projector、LCD、DLP、plasma、full color LED.
VIS-Quad41 multiviewer and switcher is chief applied to video conference、teaching、display and demonstration、stock ect, where need single display unit display multi HD signal synchronously, and it generally used in the market at present.
Meanwhile,VIS-Quad41 multiviewer and switcher is the only product that add USB synchronous switch, so when case or IR controller switch to fully display one signal ,correspondingly, USB of computer host also synchronous switch.It meet the demand of video conference which need with mouse and keyboard synchronously.


●Support single display unit display 4 HD or analog signal synchronously under Quad mode;
●Support 4 composite video、4VGA、4 HDMI,  12 input signals under full screen mode;
●Support 1 VGA and 1 HDMI synchronic output;
●4 input USB signal,2 output USB, and USB connect mouse and keyboard;
●Support KVM function, that is USB、mouse、keyboard with video synchronous switch;
●Compatibility all kinds of input resolution and support output resolution of 1920*1080;
●Size and position of image can be adjust arbitrarily, and other functions, such as: windowing、superposition、roaming、PIP、POP.
●Support regulatory image transparency, therefore you can see base picture though upper image;
●Can be commonly used in any nation in the the world due to support ultra wide input alternating voltage of 90V to 264V;
●It's draw bench case is standard dimension of 1U ,so it can be put on normal equipment cabinet;
●Can be controlled by case key、IR、RS-232 serial port and center control.
●High quality HD quad video multiplexers is especially customized generate for video engineering;


Model VIS-Quad41
HDMI/DVI  input  
Input port 4BNC、4VGA、4HDMI、4USB
Resolution Support 1920*1080 ultrahigh highest resolution and downward compatibility all kinds of resolutions
Color depth 24bit,1677 ten thousand
Zoom and display unlimited
Video input  
Identify pattern automatic
Image adjust Move、transformate、brightness、contrast、color temperature;
interface 1 HDMI、1VGA synchronic output;2USB connected mouse、keyboard or other equipment
Resolution 1920*1080/60HZ,can customize downward this resolution
frequency 60HZ
Color depth 24bit,1677 ten thousand
Control mode RS232、IR、case key
Cotrol software HD video multiplexers professional control sofeware
voltage AC  90~260V
dimension 442mm(L)*45mm(H)*242mm(W)
Power No more than 15w


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