4K Signal managment Products HDMI/VGA to HDbaseT Wallplate

HDMI/VGA to HDbaseT Wallplate

RS232,audio support 1080P


VIS-HE20 embedded wall panel transmitter using HDBaseT technology to transmit video, audio and control signals (can be used with the matrix), and HDBaseT series interface products are fully compatible. Support CVBS, YPbPr, VGA, DVI, HDMI signal transmission and IR, RS232 pass through function, DC 12V / 2A power supply and support POC power supply.
This product is mainly used in radio and television engineering, multimedia conference hall, TV teaching, command and control center and other occasions.


●Support CV, YPbPr, VGA, DVI, HDMI video and audio signal transmission;
●Support the input source signal automatically switches the adaptive function;
●Support output resolution adjustable, up to 1080P @ 60;
●Support IR, RS-232 pass through function;
●Use CAT5 UTP cable to transmit (up to 100M).
●Support POC power supply function.



Analog Video Input
Interface VGA PORT
Signal type CV YPbPr Y/C VGA
Pin definition CVBS->G Y->G         Pb->B         Pr->R Y->G        C ->B VGA
Gain 0dB 0 dB 0dB 0 dB
Bandwidth 150MHz @ -3dB 350MHz @ -3dB 150MHz @ -3dB 380 MHz
Differential phase error 0.1°,3.58-4.43 MHz 0.1°,3.58-4.43 MHz 0.1°,3.58-4.43 MHz  
Differential gain error 0.1% , 3.58-4.43 MHz 0.1% , 3.58-4.43 MHz 0.1% , 3.58-4.43 MHz  
Signal strength 1V p-p :(CVBS) 1V p-p :(Y part) 0.3Vp-p: (PbPr/CbCr part ) 1V p-p:S terminal(Y/C) 0.63V p-p to 0.9 V p-p
Minimum / maximum level Analog signal: -2V/+2V Analog signal: -2V/+2V Analog signal: -2V/+2V RGB Signal :0V/1.0V   HV Signal:0V/5.0V
input resistance 75 Ω 75Ω 75 Ω 75Ω
Return loss <-30dB@5MHz <-30dB@5MHz   <-30dB@5MHz
HDMI input
Protocol HDMI1.3a,DVI1.0,HDCP1.3
Pixel bandwidth Pixel bandwidth 165MHz,full digital
Interface bandwidth 2.25Gbps,full digital(Total 6.75Gbps,each color 2.25Gbps)
Max. Resolution PC  1920x1200@60_24bit
HDTV  1920x1080P@60_36bit
Clock Jitter <0.15 Tbit
Risetime <0.3Tbit (20%--80%)
Falltime <0.3Tbit (20%--80%)
Signal type  HDMI 1.3a /DVI 1.0 define HDM/DVI-D full digital T.M.D.S. signal
Interface HDMI-A (Type A connector )
Signal strength T.M.D.S.  3.3V p-p
Minimum / maximum level T.M.D.S.  2.9V/3.3V
Resistance 50 &Omega;
Maximum DC offset error +/-15mV
Recommended maximum input distance Less than 15m under 1920x1080 with quality cable
Input EDID Use the system default EDID
Interface Input 3PIN-3.81mm
Signal type Digital
Level type RS232 level
Signal direction Two-way communication
Baud rate Min:4800bps          Max:115200bps
Data bit 8 bits
Stop bit 1 bit
Correction bit None
Flow control None
Level delay 500 ns
Level peak +/-15V
IR signal  
Interface Input/output:4PIN-3.81mm phoenix
Signal type Input:digital                       output:digital
Output level type PLL level
Wavelength 850nm
Input level carrier frequency 38KHz
Link input/output
Interface RJ45 port
Support Protocol HDBaseT protocol; full support HDMI1.4 protocol 3D part, including support for all HDMI1.4 agreement in the mainstream 3D display mode, but does not include 3D_1080P @ 120Hz, backward compatible with HDMI1.3 standard, HDCP1.3 protocol, DVI1. 0 protocol.
PIXEL bandwidth Pixel bandwidth 225MHz,full digital
Interface bandwidth 6.75bps(RGB:2.25 Gbps/per lane)
Max. Resolution Normal-PC:1600x1200P@60_24bit,HDPC:1920x1200P@60_24bit;
3D Format:1920x 1080P@24_36bit。
Signal type HDBaseT protocol defined in the high-speed differential signal
Max. input/output distance  Max.100m with 1920x1080@60hz with CAT5E/CAT6/CAT7
Power supply +12V
Temperature -20&deg;~ +70&deg;C
Humidity 10% ~90%
MTBF 30,000 hours
Warranty 3 years

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