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VIS-QuadKVM is a high-performance image switch and it's main function is to make 4 HD or analog signal display in one UHD 4K display unit synchronously under Quad mode and Full screen, PIP and POP mode.
  VIS-QUADKVM UHD 4K switcher can support 1 VGA、2 DP、4HDMI signal input. The highest DP input signal can support 3840*2160@60HZ,the highest HDMI input signal can support 3840*2160@30HZ and the highest output resolution can reach to 3840*2160@60HZ.

VIS-QUADKVM switcher support 1 channel HDMI 2.0 output, the output resolution and refresh rate up to 3840x2160 @ 60HZ, the output refresh rate of high-definition 4K video multiplexers is the highest on the market at present. Meanwhile, if input 4signal of 1920 * 1080, 4K display unit may display under quartering , point-to-point display 4-way high-definition signals, 4 full HD 1080P video signal can be completely uncompressed displayed on a 4K display unit, and there is no any distinguish between 4 image signal connect a 1080P display unit with single1080P signal link a 1080P display unit.
  Meanwhile, VIS-QUADKVM video multiplexers can also supports USB synchronous switch HD video multiplexers, switch to a computer signal display full screen by a case key or remote control , the corresponding host computer's USB also synchronous switch, which realize the need of achieving  synchronous switch mouse, keyboard of video conferencing.

  VIS-QUADKVM HD video multiplexers is use a relatively large number in standard products currently on the market ,products are mainly used in video conferencing, teaching, exhibitions  ect ,where need to use single display unit simultaneously display multiple HD signals workplace. 



●Supports one 1 VGA, 2 DP, 4 HDMI (including 3-way compatible MHL) input signal, the input resolution up to 3840 * 2160 @ 60HZ, downward compatible;
●Supports one HDMI 2.0 output, the output resolution up to 3840 * 2160 @ 60HZ;
●Support point-to-point simultaneous display 4-way 1920 * 1080 full HD signal;
Input and output signal wide support audio, also support 3.5mm headphone jack and the left and right channel stereo output;
●2 USB signal output, USB connection support mouse and keyboard, and USB with image synchronous switch;
●Support Quad mode and Full screen, PIP and POP mode.
●Wide support 90V ~ 264V AC input, can be commonly used to any country worldwide;
●Support front panel, infrared remote control, RS232 serial control


Model VIS-QuadKVM
Input port 1VGA、2DP、4HDMI、4USB、1right and left channel audio
Resolution DP support highest resolution of 3840*2160@60HZ and downward compatibility
HDMI support highest resolution of 3840*2160@30HZ and downward compatibility
Color depth 24bit,1677 ten thousand
PIP POP mode Fixed model
interface 1 HDMI2.0 connect display device and support video、audio sync output;
One 3.5 mm audio right and left stereo
2 USB 2.0,one connect mouse the other connect keyboard
Resolution Canchoose3840*2160/60HZ,3840*2160@30HZ,1920*1080@60HZ,1280*720@60HZ
Color depth 24bit,1677 ten thousand
Control mode RS232、IR、case key
Cotrol software Not available
voltage AC  90~260V
dimension 441mm(L)*44mm(H)*239mm(W)
Power No more than 15w
audio Audio input supports 3.5mm audio interface input, for Binding VGA;

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