10” Conference Electronic Name Plate


Conference Electronic Name Plate 10” Conference Electronic Name Plate

Capacitive touch screen

Transparent plexiglass frame

Integrally formed all-aluminum base

Double-sided high resolution screen 

All content can be easily edited and saved after power off

Built-in meeting management function to quickly change information

The 10" electronic name plate adopts a 1600x600 capacitive touch screen, an integrally formed all-aluminum base, and a transparent high-grade plexiglass frame to create such elegant interface and provide a sensitive touch experience. It’s a perfect device to modern meeting room integrate with conference system.

The double-sided high-resolution screen can display different content, and all content can be easily edited on the software and can be saved after power off, providing an environmentally friendly solution for the information display of conference participants. The built-in meeting management function can quickly change the participant information before the next meeting begins.

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● High-grade glass material with clear LCD double-sided touch screen, true color display.

● User-friendly software for transferring pictures and text, and supports power-off content storage.

● True color display to maximize legibility, high refresh rate to prevent flickering in video.

● The whole system is connected by CAT5 network cables, also supports DC12V connector power supply.

● The weight of the product and base design provide perfect support, and it is not easy to knock down on the desktop.