Control Unit with Web Interface


Conference Electronic Name Plate Control Unit with Web Interface

High speed CPU 


Use flash driver

Two front USB ports

Support POE, can cascade for expansion

The VISSIONIC conference controller can be controlled by the VISSIONIC conference software through the LAN, enabling unit and electronic nameplate control. Each individual unit supports POE from 1 to 24 bits, and the number and scope of usage can be expanded through POE switch expansion. 

The VISSIONIC management software is installed on the nameplate controller, allowing for local operation through the keyboard. Through the conference controller, the software enables control over the conference units, electronic nameplates, and voting units via the LAN. Additionally, you can also use the VISSIONIC management software to set advanced functions, manage conference discussions, manage recordings, and so on.

● Web page for easy manage the content of name plate. 

● High speed CPU and 16G RAM. 

● Connect monitor and keyboard to it directly for operation. 

● Support POE and can cascade with more hub switch for expansion.  

● Two front USB ports, which can be operated locally through the USB keyboard and mouse. At the same time, use flash driver to read customized background images.

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● Supports 24 PoE power supplies, up to 13 W per port.

● Supports the simultaneous online operation of up to five operators.

● Supports local operations and operations performed on all kinds of browsers.

● Allows you to connect the tablet PC to the management controller via Wi-Fi to quickly configure the nameplate information.

● Supports USB mouse and keyboard connection, HDMI display output, as well as setting and modification of nameplate information through the software.

● Provides ubiquitous wireless control.

 Provides advanced function setting and control on-site.

● Manages conference discussions, electronic nameplates, sign-in, audio recordings, and video recordings.

● Creates conferences and schedules each seat in advance.