Full Digital Wired Discussion Chairman/Delegate Unit


CLEACON Full Digital DSP Conference System Full Digital Wired Discussion Chairman/Delegate Unit


OLED display

Touchable button

Dual earphones jack

Line-in jack

Technology-Hiding under glass but outstanding 

    The CLEACON series is the product developed by our R&D people over 10 years experience in networked digital conference system. Scratch-resistant arc-shaped back-lit glass control panel is unique in design. CAT5 cable port is popular for its lots of advantages. Special loop ring connection methods promise the reliability and robust of our system is not affected by any broken units during conference.

    Small and exquisite but powerful, that’s what we deliver to you

● Stylish, low profile design with touchable interface

● Standard CAT5e and RJ45 connectors are used in CLEACON series to provide more convenient on project and maintenance.

● The connection cable of units are either hiding underneath or from the rear of the unit, makes it convenient for different request of installation

● OLED screen, providing excellent brightness, contrast, wide viewing angle but low power consumption

● Internal high-fidelity loudspeaker

● Head-set interface in both sides with volume adjust

● Line-in interface which allows microphone or other line-in device like cell phone, laptop to pass audio through to perform local conference(optional)

● The unique AUDIO-LINK digital ring network technology achieve full-digital signal transmission and processing, completely avoid the RF interference from cell phone or similar devices.

● "Hand-in-Hand-Loop-Network" connection makes the system always working perfectly and more reliable.

● The unit showing time/date on the screen. Timer on display to set certain time for each delegate to speak, will remind user or close the MIC automatically.

● All units can be configured as Chairman or Delegate unit through software settings based on model VIS-DCC-T.

Model for Order:

VIS-DCC-T..............Digital Discussion Chairman Unit, microphone and cable not include

VIS-DCD-T..............Digital Discussion Delegate Unit, microphone and cable not included

VIS-M330..................330mm Microphone, with anti-wind foam cover

VIS-M410..................410mm Microphone, with anti-wind foam cover

VIS-M485..................485mm Microphone, with anti-wind foam cover

VIS-M600..................600mm Microphone, with anti-wind foam cover

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● Compliance with IEC 60914, GBT 15381-94

● Single CAT5e cable transmits 64 channels of audio and various information.

● High fidelity sound by zero loss audio transmit technology, 48K audio sampling frequency, 20Hz~20KHz response frequency

● "Hand-in-Hand-Loop-Network" connection makes the system always working perfectly no matter changing discussion unit or having any malfunctioned units

● This system assigned to each unit independently ID to avoid duplicate ID conflict

● AGC (Automatic Gain Control)/AFC (Adaptive Feedback Cancellation)/ANC (Active Noise Control)/Mix (Auto-Mix) technology

● Build-in functions for intercom

● Hot-swap for any system unit, and the controller has auto-recovery function

● Precise cardioid directional microphone capsule with anti-wind microphone foam, with two-color LED indicator

● Button for MIC ON/OFF, Priority & Apply Answer button for chairman unit

● Built-in high-fidelity speakers, it automatically mutes to prevent howling when press MIC ON

● Head-set interface in both sides with volume adjust

● Without using PC software, our conference controller still owns following settings:

● Limit on the number of speaking persons: By Setting the number of active units at the same time (Number is 1/2/4/6/ units)

● Discussion modes:

"OPEN" Free for all, limited by the active units setting by controller, "OVERRIDE" First in First out, "VOICE" Can activate MIC by detecting sound without press button, "APPLY" To apply then to speak

● Work with VIS-CDC series HD camera and VIS-CATC-A switcher, it can realize camera auto tracking function