DSP Wireless Digital

It adopts 5G wireless as signal transmission carrier, transmit full digital audio signal, support up to 5200 conference units connecting, both wireless and wired unit can use together.

Bringing you the highest quality audio.


Expandable High Compatibility

You can select any model of VISSONIC conference device to connect, it supports analog audio, Dante protocol, AUDIOLINK protocol, making wireless into infinite.

Bringing you convenient conference deployment

Digital Wireless Simultaneous Interpretation

DSP digital processing, it can use wireless technology to proceed high quality conference simultaneous interpretation, let the meeting have no boundaries, let the world hear your ideas.

Convey the idea



The encrypted hidden ID method, and special materials are selected for signal access, which can effectively provide excellent signals and excellent confidentiality. Multi-frequency self-adjustment technology, support 5Ghz/2.4Ghz signals

Our Own R&D

"AFC Feedback Suppression", "ANC Noise Cancellation", "AEC Echo Cancellation", and "Conference Camera Track" , bringing you a stable and pure audio conference system


Support for more functions through the back interface of the controller, central control, extension main unit, POE active audio, Dante protocol, Audio link™ protocol, analog signal

Technical Specifications

  • 6 meeting modes

    "OPEN" open mode "VOICE" voice control mode "FIFO" first in first out mode "APPLY" "PTT" "ALL" etc.

  • 16 segment EQ

    Achieve sound field adjustment; pressure limit, which can recognize the noise gate passed by human voice and support auto-mix technology

  • Single cable deployment

    All devices transmit 64 channels of audio and various information through a single CAT5e cable to complete the deployment

  • USB recording

    Recording and playback of the meeting process, with real-time monitoring function, support for USB interface to insert U disk recording

  • Audio Zone

    One conference controller can control or merge 4 meeting rooms.Cascade of controllers can manage, merge or separate bigger conference rooms.

  • Timed speaking

    The timed speaking mode can be selected directly on the controller panel, which is applicable to time-limited speeches, defenses, competitions, and public security law

  • Voting

    The one-click screen projection function can project the voting results such as the quantity order and the ranking order to the large screen

  • Main unit extension

    After expansion, it's carrying capacity of wired supports up to 5200 seats, and wireless supports 300 seats, supports dual-system hot backup function


Product List

More products waiting to be updated!

Application Cases

MIPT conference hall
The hall is equipped with a wireless conference system VISSONIC CLEACON, consisting of 39 delegate units and 1 unit for the chairman. The consoles are connected to the central unit through an access point. To charge the batteries, the consoles have 5 charging boxes. Each box is capable of charging 8 batteries at the same time.
China-Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
the hall is equipped with 5G WIFI, wireless conference system .
Tevel District Legislative Council Russia
The Conference Rooms of Tevel District Legislative Council, Russia, finished its update by applying VISSONIC Digital Conference System July 2020.