VISSONIC 5G Wifi Wireless Conference System

VISSONIC 5G Wifi Wireless Conference System(图1)
VISSONIC 5G WiFi Wireless conference system for meeting room

1. Overview

For the renovation of the old conference room, the multi-purpose hall, the on-site release hall, the temporary conference venue, etc, WiFi wireless conference system can quickly and easily set up and remove after use.

VISSONIC launches 5G wireless conference system to give a proper solution for above occasions.


- Keep your desk clean and tidy without any cables
- Wireless conference system and wireless presentation system provide convenient local audio and video access solutions
- One-click quick sharing experience, allowing attendees to pay more attention to the meeting itself
- 60CM ultra-long sound pickup distance
- Possible to achieve efficient meetings.

VISSONIC 5G Wifi Wireless Conference System(图2)

2. Advantages

2.1 5G Wi-Fi conference system technology

Based on touch technology and Wi-Fi communication technology, VISSONIC successfully launched 5G Wi-Fi wireless conference system through independent research and development. The design of the conference unit has a proprietary appearance patent and a unique curved touch screen, which not only increases the viewing angle, but also, enhance the sense of texture, technology.

The overall delay of the system is 15ms, which is far below the delay of 24ms that can be discerned by the human ear. VISSONIC wireless conference system adopts 48K, 16-bit uncompressed audio transmission, capable of transmitting 8 channels of voice and control signals simultaneously. On the basis of a technology, it brings customers Wi-Fi wireless discussion, Wi-Fi wireless sign-in, Wi-Fi wireless voting, Wi-Fi wireless simultaneous transmission, wireless intelligent control, clock date display and other functions.

2.1.1 Zero interference

VISSONIC Wi-Fi wireless conference system adopts standard Wi-Fi communication technology and is compatible with standard Wi-Fi 2.4/5G wireless network, which enables the system to switch freely on 40 legal channels. Packet loss retransmission and intelligent channel management function, even there is external channels Overlap, it has sufficient anti-interference ability, to avoid affect system audio transmission

2.1.2 Simple setting up and installation

After simple connection of wireless point to central unit, the whole system will work. Each unit has signal strength indicator, you can put the units according to position of each people and follow the signal indicator.

2.1.3  Perfect sound

Each unit comes with a high-fidelity build-in loudspeaker for clear sound to you. When mainly using external loudspeaker, the system provides a built-in DSP processor with AFC automatic feedback suppression to suppress the feedback noise. The AGC automatic volume gain control allows you to control the pickup distance and use various lengths of MIC according to customer needs. The ANC automatic noise control function reduces the noise of the microphone to pick up the environment, and also has built-in speaker partitioning function, etc., so that the whole system can be freely adjusted according to different venue size, equipment and acoustic environment to achieve the ideal sound transmission.

2.1.4 Large battery compacity and energy saving

The VISSONIC conference unit uses a detachable 4900mA ultra-capacity battery. When the microphone or speaker is turned on, the unit can work continuously for 24 hours and standby life of 60 hours. The OLED display has 5 power indicators, with low-power icon on OLED screen to remind user, the administrator can also directly replace the battery or use the DC adapter to directly supply power to the unit.

The conferencing system features a unique "energy saving" mode that automatically in standby mode if the system is inactive for two hours. This saves power while also avoiding unnecessary occupation of wireless channel resources. When the user needs to restart the meeting, they can be easily woken up through the interface of the speaking unit. This design helps minimize operating costs and extends the life of the system.

2.1.5  Work with modern meeting requirement

Each wireless conference unit  provides an audio input interface, which allows the audio of mobile phones and notebooks to be easily accessed to the local conference system for mobile video conferencing and sharing of mobile device audio.。

2.1.6 Different function by models

VISSONIC wireless conference system uses 48K, 16-bit uncompressed audio transmission, capable of transmitting 8 channels of voice and control signals simultaneously. Based on this technology, we provide customers with different solutions, including wireless pure discussion units. Wireless discussion with voting, simultaneous interpretation, wireless discussion with dual simultaneous channels and other models, covering different market needs.

2.1.7  Wired/Wireless units working together

For multi-functional conference rooms, training rooms, release halls, etc., which often need to be changed in use, the chairman unit is generally wired fixed. The other audience seats temporarily increase or decrease the conference unit according to needs. At this time, the wired and wireless mixed conference system is flexible to use. Provides great convenience, the wireless unit does not need to be cabling, and can be placed directly as needed.

2.1.8  HD camera auto tracking

The system main unit comes with camera tracking function, which can send code to camera or seamless matrix to realize automatic tracking and recording of high-definition camera.

Can I run multiple systems in one building or on the same floor?

With a multi-band wireless system that works in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, you have 25 channels to choose from (in Europe). So you can set each system up to work on a different channel, so that one doesn’t interfere with the other. Our quick selecting menu on each unit even allow you to move freely the unit from one room to another room to use.

How Can I guarantee the confidentiality of the meeting?

It goes without saying that security is an important issue and should not be treated lightly. But consider this: if you make the right choice, anyone trying to listen in on your meeting would have to leap three major hurdles. The first is proprietary protocol. If the eavesdropper does not have the same type of equipment, he will have to figure out first how the communication protocol works before he can start decoding information. Then there is the access list – a list of identified and trusted units that are part of your conference system. This access list is stored in the system and used to verify whether a unit is allowed to be part of the system. A rogue unit that tries to connect will be rejected because its unique identifier is not in the list of trusted units. Finally, encryption. By using our system, all communication between the delegate units and the Wireless Conference Access point will be secured with an encryption key. With these security measures in place, unauthorized eavesdropping is virtually impossible.

3 Configuration Diagram

VISSONIC 5G Wifi Wireless Conference System(图3)VISSONIC 5G Wifi Wireless Conference System(图4)
5G WiFi Wireless Conference System Diagram

4 System Introduction

4.1 5G Wi-Fi Wireless main unit VIS-DCP2000-W 

VISSONIC 5G Wifi Wireless Conference System(图5)



The unique AUDIO-LINK digital ring network technology achieve full-digital signal transmission and processing
One CAT5e cable to transmit up 64 channels audio and other signals.
High-fidelity sound quality by lossless audio transmission technology, 48K audio sampling rate and 20Hz ~ 20KHz frequency response
"Hand-in-Hand-Loop-Network" connection makes the system always working perfectly no matter changing discussion unit or having any malfunctioned units
Support AGC(Automatic Gain Control)/AFC(Adaptive Feedback Cancellation)/ANC(Acoustics Noise Cancellation ) Support sound output by separated zones, each zone is automatically adjusted according to the volume of the position of the microphone, achieve longer distances pickup without whistle.
Support echo cancellation, remote two-way real-time call with another conference controller or another third-party video conferencing terminal
USB recording, advanced noise cancellation technology to realize clearer recording
Support software control from RJ45 and Web configuration


Compliance with IEC 60914, GBT 15381-94
With VIS-CNB digital power box, it can expand to 5200 discussion units
Support "Hand-in-Hand-Loop-Network" connection and the system assigned to each unit
independently ID to avoid duplicate ID conflict
Both wired/wireless discussion units can connect to the controller, fast and easily to adding delegate of meetings
Wireless unit supports up to 8 microphones active simultaneously, anti-interference ability is stronger than ever, compliance with IEEE 802.11n standard Wi-Fi both for 2.4GHz and 5GHz
2 channel audio input, XLR or RCA type, for local input or remote video-conferencing input
MAX 8 channel audio output, XLR, RCA or Phoenix type, to connect language translation system or output to different zones
TCP/IP connection between controller and PC
RS232 to send the PELCO/VISCA protocol to realize camera auto-tracking function.
Hot-swap for any system unit, and the controller has auto-recovery function
Wide range of voltage from 110V~220VAC
Without using PC software, our conference controller still owns following settings:
    Limit on the number of speaking persons: By Setting the number of active units at the same time(Number is 1/2/4/6/ units)
    Discussion modes:

Control & Indicators

LCD display to show all the operations and results
4-Way button for menu operate
One-button press to start recording
Recoding light indicator
Master volume control knob

Technical Parameters

Power 110V / 220V AC
Static power consumption 12W
Maximum power consumption 150W
Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 20KHz
Noise ratio (S / N)> 80dB
Total harmonic distortion <0.05%
Channel Crosstalk> 80dB
Dimensions (mm) 483L x 260W x43.6H
Dark gray color

VISSONIC 5G Wifi Wireless Conference System(图6)
CLEACON VIS-WDC-T/VIS-WDD-T Wireless Digital Discussion Chairman/Delegate Unit


Stylish, low profile design with touchable interface
Wireless communication, setting up all system in few minutes to be ready for using, and put them away in short time as well
Built-in DC connector for power supply without battery
Detachable battery pack is easy to replace and charge
Internal high fidelity loudspeaker
Head-set interface in both sides with volume adjust
Line-in interface which allows microphone or other line-in device like cell phone, laptop to pass audio through to perform teleconference
Full-digital signal transmission and processing, completely avoid the RF interference from cell phone or similar devices.
Support pluggable microphone and different length of microphone with strong audio collecting ability.
Time and date display on the OLED screen
Timer on display to set certain time for each delegate to speak, will remind user or close the MIC automatically
All units can be configured as Chairman or Delegate unit through software settings based on model WDC-T.


Compliance with IEC 60914,GBT 15381-94
Standard Wi-Fi technology is compatible with other Wi-Fi networks, support 2.4GHz and 5GHz on all channels.
All-digital transmission and processing technology in uncompressed audio, professional microphone to achieve perfect sound quality at 20Hz ~ 20KHz;
128 bits digital encryption technology, with WAP2 secure connection, MAC address filtering, SSID-hiding to prevent wiretapping and unauthorized access from delegate unit
8 units of delegates can open at the same time
Support more AP working together to increasing the Wi-Fi coverage range for wireless MIC units working in a large conference room or multi-rooms
With our HD PTZ camera and video matrix switcher, using RS485 or RS232 protocol to send the PELCO/VISCA protocol to realize camera auto-tracking function
Precise directional microphone head with anti-wind microphone foam cover, with two-color LED indicator
Button for MIC ON/OFF, Priority & Apply Answer button for chairman unit
Built-in high fidelity speakers, it automatically mutes to prevent howling when press MIC ON
Head-set interface in both sides with volume adjustment.
Support AGC(Automatic Gain Control)/AFC(Adaptive Feedback Cancellation)/ANC(Active Noise Control )/Mix (Auto-Mix) technology
Build-in functions for intercom
Without using PC software, our conference controller still owns following settings:
    Limit on the number of speaking persons: By Setting the number of active units at the same time(Number is 1/2/4/6/ units)
    Discussion modes:
"OPEN" Free for all, limited by the active units setting by controller, "OVERRIDE" First in First out, "FREE" Turn on the MIC freely up the max. quantity, "APPLY" To apply then to speak
    The unit showing real time on the screen, and count-down timer for speaking person.
    Detachable battery pack is easy to replace and charge,power-saving technology to enable 20 hours continuous use and 48 hours for standby.

Control& Indicators

Each unit with two-color LED indicator on microphone, red for speaking, green means need acceptance from chairman to speak
128x32 OLED display with volume bar, clock, time span of microphone activating, MIC ON/OFF etc and other information.
Indicator for Volume adjustment
Indicator for MIC ON/OFF
Chairman unit with priority button and consent button for the delegates
Power ON/OFF button is hiding on the left side


Pluggable microphone base
2x 3.5mm stereo headphone jack
1x 3.5mm stereo input jack
Contactor for battery pack
DC Connector for power adaptor

Technical Parameters

Button: Touchable interface, no physical buttons
Sound Pickup: heart type capacitance
Display: OLED display 128 × 32
Sensitivity: -46 dBV / Pa
Maximum power consumption: 2.0W
Directivity: 0 &deg; / 180 &deg;> 20 dB (1 kHz)
Headphone load: 16&Omega;
Headphone volume: 10mW
Headphone jack: 3.5mm stereo
Input impedance: 2k&Omega;
SNR: 70dB
Frequency response: 20 ~ 20000Hz
Equivalent noise: 20dBA (SPL)
Main material: ABS
Operating temperature: 0 ℃ to + 55 ℃
Color: Black
The maximum sound pressure: 125dB (THD <3%)
Weight: 1.1kg (with microphone)
Dimension: 185 × 130 × 50mm (width × depth × height) (without microphone)

VISSONIC 5G Wifi Wireless Conference System(图7)
CLEACON VIS-AP4C 2.4GHz/5GHz Conference Access Point


Connect with the conference processor DCP2000,or with the switch to extend more conference AP in the same system.
Typical coverage range 30m
Install on ceiling, wall or with stand rack mount
128 bits digital encryption technology, with WAP2 secure connection, MAC address filtering, SSID-hiding to prevent wiretapping and unauthorized access from delegate unit


LED indicator for signal/power
2.4G/5GHz dual band communication
LAN support POE power supply
RJ45 for LAN connection
Technical Parameters
Power Consumption Operational:11 Watt
Power Over Ethernet(POE)supported: POE
Installation: Ceiling, Wall or Stand Rack
Dimension: 17*17*2.8cm(WxDxH)
Color: White

Item Model for Order

VIS-AP4C.................. 2.4GHz/5GHz Conference Access Point (White)

VISSONIC 5G Wifi Wireless Conference System(图8)
CLEACON VIS-WCH1 Charger for battery


Four hours needed to fully charge
MAX 8 pcs battery charging at one time
Wide range power input: 100V~240V AC
Buckle housing to prevent poor contact or dropping, light in weight for easy moving


Contactor by pop-up pins
Buckle housing to prevent poor contact or dropping


CE certification

Technical Parameters

Input: 100 ~ 240VAC 47 ~ 63HZ
Output: 8.4V/1000mA
Power consumption: 20W
Size: 190*86*127mm(LxWxH)
Weight: 1100g