VIS-PTA-T Analog Array Microphone

The Array Microphone provides corridor-type audio pickup area, which are greatly improved in relation to the "heart type" pointing characteristics of the goose neck microphone, so that the speaker can move in a wider range, while the sound quality and volume are not affected. The Array Microphone can be connected to any analog device system (like dB-NET DSP audio matrix, digital automatic mixing system, mixer, etc.) for Plug and Play

VIS-PTA-T Analog Array Microphone(图1)


⚫ Unique modern design with touch button.
⚫ Using the self-developed ARRA-TechTM array microphone technology,
⚫ The pickup distance is 60~80CM. The establishment of a personal pick-up sound area, whether the speaker is standing, backward or sideways, provide freely speaking experience.
⚫ With no goose neck design, speakers and attendees can communicate without hindrance and the speaker also has a better visual effect.
⚫ The hidden adjustable gain knob can quickly set up the whole system according to the field sound amplification conditions.
⚫ 2m audio cable with XLR male connector for extending to the VISSONIC dB-NET series DSP audio matrix or any mixer system.