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How DSP Enhances Audio for A S

Audio is the cornerstone of any meeting: without quality audio, the entire collaborative event quickly begins to unravel, becoming frustrating and unproductive. Digital signal proc...

The Functions of Digital Signa

Having DSP protections in place that clean up the sound and make it more intelligible is critical. In this guide, we provide an overview of what DSP technology is and how it can im...

VIS-VLI700A Series Digital Inf

The digital infrared transmitter is the central device in the language distribution system. It accepts analogue or digital input, modulates these signals onto carrier waves and tra...

X9 Series Modular Seamless Swi

X9 Series Ultra-High Bandwidth Modular Seamless Switching Video Wall Processor, support Up to 16 displays splicing and processing, display up to 32 layers and support LCD/LED/DLP v...

Language Distribution system-U

The organizer choose VISSONIC's new generation of digital IR language distribution system, the VLI series products.

VISSONIC Applying-Tevel Distri

They wanted 5G Wifi Wireless Conference system in their conference room of Tevel District Legislative Council, East Europe in July 2020.