How the Acoustic Industry Is Standing out Under the Epidemic

In early 2020, the new coronavirus outbreak has ravaged the world in less than two years, and almost everyone has deeply experienced the troubles and inconveniences brought by the epidemic. Although the epidemic is now well under control in China and people's quality of life can basically be guaranteed, the short-term impact of the outbreak is a huge blow to many industries.

With the standardization and normalization of the epidemic control and the improvement of people's awareness of epidemic prevention, the national economy has gradually recovered and the production and operation of various industries have gradually returned to normal, and even individual industries have experienced explosive development. In the calm period of the epidemic or the post-epidemic era, non-contact culture and online virtual culture will slowly enter the life of the public, and people's lifestyles are bound to change, so how will the acoustic industry take advantage of the "east wind" with its own technical advantages?


Muti-function Microphone Box


The epidemic has pushed human society to the tipping point of virtualization and accelerated the formation of non-contact culture. on October 28, 2021, the American social media giant Facebook announced its name change to Meta, pushing the concept of metaverse to the forefront. VR/AR/MR, as a new generation of human-computer interaction revolutionary technology, has triggered a revolutionary upgrade of computing power, network and display, especially in 5G technology. driven by 5G technology, has huge industrial development prospects and industrial space.

Online Office

With the development of the Internet, online office is bound to become a mature technology, and the outbreak of the epidemic has become a catalyst for this industry. For companies, online office saves rent, utilities and other necessary expenses, reducing the company's fixed expenses; for individuals, online office saves commuting time, reduces space restrictions and allows them to deal with work issues anytime, anywhere.

However, cell phones and laptops, as the most commonly used communication tools, are not suitable for most meeting scenarios, mainly because the microphone that comes with the phone has a limited pickup range and the sound amplification effect is not satisfactory.

Wireless Conference Processor

The main pain point of traditional conference rooms is the cables, it is complicated to connect all the devices and waste time. vissonic wireless conference system, start a meeting anywhere, anytime and improve planning efficiency. cleacon wireless units work perfectly together, choose the frequency from dozens of available frequencies on our access points and work with all other networks in the area with zero interference.

The conference controller outputs 16 bands of equalized EQ for sound field adjustment; pressure limits that identify noise gates through which the human voice passes. It has zoned sound output function, each zone automatically adjusts the volume according to the microphone position to achieve more distance pickup without whistling. USB recording, controller monitoring, advanced noise reduction technology for clearer recording.


VIS-HPI headset

While the competition in the online meeting track is fierce, some companies in the headset market have responded quickly to develop a series of supporting features to serve online meetings. VIS-HPI is a high-quality headset for interpreters to translate, with MIC input and a dexterous and sophisticated shape, making users feel comfortable.

Users can listen and speak during meetings without interruptions. 40mm premium speakers and a built-in 2.2m cable give the headset high fidelity sound quality.



The epidemic has brought significant changes to Chinese society, potentially having a profound impact on the way people consume, the direction of industry development and the evolution of service delivery, with many new opportunities from both the epidemic response and market demand. Companies need to quickly adapt to the changes brought about by the epidemic on the one hand, and actively prepare for these potential opportunities by making internal adjustments to adapt to the changing environment and maintain sustainable growth on the other.

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