Video conferencing solution

Video conferencing solution, combined with the public cloud, effectively solves the problems of limited pickup distance and poor sound quality, and brings you a perfect sound quality and ultra-high color image reproduction video conferencing experien......more

Why we choose a WiFi conferenc

Why we choose a WiFi wireless conference system and how to select it? The essay will tell you the answer....more

Array Microphone Conference So

VISSONIC Digital Array Microphone Conference System, no-gooseneck design, long voice pick-up distance up to 120cm, is a new Conference System solution for some special scenes....more

VISSONIC 5G Wi-Fi Wireless Sol

VISSONIC 5G WiFi Wireless Conference System, low voice latency and no interference from other wifi signal, 128 bits digital encryption technology, with WAP2 secure connection, ensure conference security and long use time up to 24 hours by large capac......more

New Generation IR Language Dis

VISSONIC IR Wireless Language Distribution System (IR interpretation system) enables multiple translated languages to be transmitted via infrared to delegates throughout a conference facility....more