4K Seamless Modular Videowall Processor Modular Seamless Switching Videowall Processor 36x36

Seamless switching 36x36
FPGA processor
Maximum resolution up to 4Kx2K @ 30Hz
Support non-standard resolution customization
Up to 36 displays output splicing
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X9 series Modular video wall processor can realize graphics processing and seamless switching flexibly. The matrix adopts high-performance hardware design, perfectly supports a variety of high-definition digital / analog signal switching and processing, and supports two-way RS-232, two-way IR signal assigned switching function. It can also divide a completed image signal into several signals assigned to several different display unites, forming a large display screen to display dynamic images. It provides a one-stop solution for various industries to assign, switch and process a variety of video and control signals, which can be widely used in radio and television engineering, multimedia conference room, large-screen display engineering, television teaching, intelligent traffic management centers, command and control centers and other places.

X9 series Modular video wall processor contains 0808,1616,3636,7272 and other models, its signal input/output interface contains HDMI, DVI, VGA, HDBaseT, SDI, optical fiber and other video interfaces. Leading all-digital signal processing technology ensures undistorted processing, sending top quality screen to the display terminal. With customized configuration of various types of the same or different input/output boards, single interface type or multi interface type of matrix can be formed, such as optical fiber matrix, HDMI matrix, DVI matrix, CAT5 matrix, VGA matrix, YUV matrix, Video matrix and so on.

X9 series Modular video wall processor provides a variety of control modes, with remote control operation, RS-485 extended keyboard, but also provides two standard RS-232 communication interfaces and network ports, convenient for users to coordinate it with various remote control devices.



System Diagram