Wireless Very stable

VISSONIC 5GWI-FI wireless conference system through multiple testing and certification, the source of the underlying technology to optimize to ensure that each seat conference unit can work stably in the appropriate wireless digital band, the band is not searched, connected, joined by unfamiliar devices, technology upgrades to bring a new wireless conference system!

3S connection 48H stable


Wireless More convenient

The meeting is not too constrained, the conference system is suitable for small and medium-sized meetings 5 to 50 people, the expansion of the equipment can be established for large meetings 100 to 4096 people wireless meeting place, the equipment can be roaming in the same area, partition, segmentation and other connection modes, now your meeting deployment will become extremely simple and fast!

Rapid expansion of 2 to 4096 seat units

Wireless Very practical

Wireless also has a number of conference functions, including a variety of modes of conference speech mode, voting, voting on the screen, audio partitioning and the establishment of convenient simultaneous transmission or up to 64-way digital professional simultaneous transmission, connection response technology optimization so that voting and mode selection to get extremely fast response, no delay due to technology and the phenomenon of unsynchronized audio and video!

Multi-band, multiple speech modes


Security Technology

Choose encrypted hidden ID way, signal access special selection, can effectively provide excellent signal and excellent confidentiality multi-frequency self-adjustment technology, support 5Ghz/2.4Ghz signal.

R&D Technology

"AFC feedback suppression" "ANC noise cancellation" "AEC echo cancellation" "conference camera following "At the same time three CPU working mode, to bring you a stable and pure audio conference system.

Extended Technology

More function support through the back of the host interface, central control, extended host, POE active audio, Dante protocol, Audio link™ protocol, analog signal.

Technical Features

  • Speech Mode

    "OPEN" open mode "VOICE" voice control mode "FIFO" first in first out mode "APPLY" "PTT" "ALL" etc.

  • Audio Partition

    A single conference host can achieve independent control and merging of 4 conference rooms, and conference host cascade to achieve merging and separation of larger conference rooms (conference management, etc.).

  • Timed statements

    Can be directly in the host panel to select the timing speech mode, limited speech, answer, competition, public prosecution are applicable.

  • Balanced EQ

    Realizes sound field adjustment, pressure limit, noise gate that can recognize the passage of human voice, and supports auto-mix (auto-mix) technology.

  • Voting

    The one-click screen casting function can project the voting results such as voting; number order and ranking order to the large screen or projection display side.

  • Single line deployment

    The conference equipment completes detection and deployment by transmitting 64 channels of audio and various information through only one CAT5e network cable.

  • USB flash drive recording

    Recording and playback of the meeting process, with real-time monitoring function, support for USB interface plug U disk recording.

  • Host Expansion

    After the expansion has the bearing capacity wired support up to 5200 seats, wireless support 300 seats support dual machine hot backup function.


Product List

Application Cases

Huangpu Customs
Huangpu Customs, the People's Republic of China, is a direct subordinate customs office under the vertical leadership of the General Administration of Customs, with its headquarters in Huangpu, covering an area of about 4658 square kilometers, for which VISSONIC provides a 5GWIFI wireless digital conference system...
Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
Blurred picture can be any tolerance, but if it is harsh noise may be maddening, I choose VISSONIC conference system because of its unique DSP processing and audio zoning advantages.
Pingliang City People's Procuratorate
Different from the past, this meeting room upgrade to a qualitative change, camera tracking technology and voting real-time display function is too practical for us and no traditional cable ties.