VISSONIC Audio-Link Solutions in CPIC Office

The conference office room of China Pacific Insurance(group) using VISSONIC Audio-Link Solutions

The Background

This project was finished recently in China Pacific Insurance(group) Co.,Ltd.
The requirement of the project is not to use a gooseneck microphone, but a microphone with a wide range of sound pickup and an all-metal appearance. And the audio system is a full audio digital system, compatible with third-party equipment and central control system for joint control management.
In order to meet their demands, we proposed them the best solution with
->VIS-DCP2000-D(Full Digital Networked DSP Conference Processor)
->VIS-BDY-F(Flush mount boundary Microphone)
->VIS-AIB(Microphone interface box)
The Feature

1. The microphone VIS-BDY-F is made of an all-metal shell with a concealable microphone head design. It has a pickup distance of 60-100cm and an analog microphone interface.
2. The interface box VIS-AIB supports access to 99% of the analog audio equipment on the market and converts it into an all-digital signal for transmission. Analog audio equipment can also use the audio interface box VIS-AIB to connect to the conference processor VIS-DCP2000-D. To control the box or microphone through this way to achieve speech control, such as countdown speech, application speech, voice control speech, balance adjustment, DSP gain, audio partition and other functions.

Application Showcase



Project details
Flush mount boundary Microphone – VIS-BDY-F - Qty: 16 pcs
Microphone interface box – VIS-AIB – Qty: 8 pcs
Central unit – VIS-DCP2000-D – Qty: 1 pc