Wi-Fi wireless microphone installed in MIPT conference hall

VISSONIC Wireless Conference System of the MIPT conference hall in Moscow

The Background

Recently, VISSONIC equipped a conference room at the main campus of Phystech in Dolgoprudny, but this cooperation with the venerable institute did not end there. We also equipped the meeting room in the branch office, the Moscow building of MIPT in Klimentovsky Lane, with multimedia equipment.

Conference system and sound reinforcement

The hall is equipped with a wireless conference system VISSONIC CLEACON, consisting of 39 delegate units and 1 unit for the chairman. The consoles are connected to the central unit through an access point. To charge the batteries, the consoles have 5 charging boxes. Each box is capable of charging 8 batteries at the same time.

To transmit sound to the hall, four cabinet, two-way AUDAC speaker systems are used. Sound from acoustics and microphones goes to the VISSONIC VIS-DSP12 digital audio platform.

Display system

A combination of three VHD-V61 PTZ cameras is used to display the progress of the meeting, which are controlled by the operator using the VHD-C300 controller. Through the VISSONIC VIS-SHM17-M matrix, the image from PTZ cameras is displayed on a 3x3 video wall consisting of Hyundai D55EFN panels, as well as on four 55-inch professional SHARP PNHW551 displays.

The proceedings of the meeting are recorded and simultaneously broadcast on YouTube using the VISSONIC VIS-CRS03-A video recorder. And in order for delegates to share files (videos, images, presentations), a wireless presentation system Huddle Hub One + is installed.

Control and switching system

To control all systems of the hall, an operator's place is organized, equipped with a computer and a monitor. There is also a Cabeus wiring closet, where all the switching equipment is installed - the central unit of the VIS-DCP2000-W conference system, the VIS-SHM17-M modular matrix switcher, the VIS-CRS03-A video recorder, the VIS-DSP12 AEC digital audio processor and so on.
The result is a robust, scalable wireless room that enables efficient dialogue between forty delegates and their guests.

VISSONIC devices used in this system as below:
VIS-DCP2000-W--Full Digital Networked DSP Conference Processor for Wireless/Wired unit
VIS-WDC/WDD-T--Wireless Digital Discussion Chairman/Delegate Unit
VIS-AP4C--5GHz Conference Access Point
VIS-WCH1--Charger for Battery
VIS-DSP12--Digital DSP Audio Matrix
VIS-SHM17-M--modular matrix switcher
VIS-CRS03-A--Professional AV recorder and camera tracking