VISSONIC Applying-Tevel District Legislative Council Russia

The Conference Rooms of Tevel District Legislative Council, Russia, finished its update by applying VISSONIC Digital Conference System July 2020.

The Background

Tevel is one of the large states in Europe and one of the main bodies of the Russian Federation, it is located in the northwest of Moscow and under the jurisdiction of the Russian Central Federation.
Tevel is a large industrial, scientific and educational center.

We VISSONIC proposed them solutions that best meet their demand, to name as below:
->Conference System of 5G Wifi Wireless 
->Conference System of Analogue signals converting to Digital
->Integrated System of Camera and Recorder 
->Camera Auto-Tracking Controller

Application Showcase
VISSONICs locating in Main Hall

Conference System in the Meeting Room


Full Picture

5G Wifi Wireless Units Keep the board being uncluttered. They are our hot sales and main push for Conference system solution. Which always deserve great comment from our customers that employing.
Managing system