VISSONIC Audio-Link Solutions in CPIC Office

The conference office room of China Pacific Insurance(group) is using VISSONIC Audio-Link Solutions and Digital Conference System....more

VISSONIC Applying-Tevel District Legislative Council Russia

They wanted 5G Wifi Wireless Conference system in their conference room of Tevel District Legislative Council, Russia in July 2020....more

Wi-Fi wireless microphone installed in MIPT conference hall

VISSONIC Conference System equipped the meeting room in the branch office, the Moscow building of MIPT in Klimentovsky Lane....more

VISSONIC Digital Conference System in Iran Oil Company

The Tehran (Capital) office conference room of Iran Oil company has adopted our VISSONIC Full Digital Wired Conference System combined with lifting screen...more

5G wireless voting conference system apply in Town hall Huer

5G wireless voting conference system apply in Town hall Huer...more

VISSONIC Equiped-Russia Tver City Duma Conference Room

The VISSONIC CLEACON F flush-mounted conference system was chosen to equip the Duma conference room of Tver City....more

VISSONIC-Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

VISSONIC's 5G WIFI Wireless Conference is applying in Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine....more

Language Distribution system-UNCCD COP14, New Delhi, India

The organizer choose VISSONIC's new generation of digital IR language distribution system, the VLI series products. ...more

VISSONIC serve in Italian High End Conference Room

VISSONIC Conference System employed in Italian High End Conference Room:helping to create a professional Conference room....more

Russian-German forum applies VISSONIC IR language system

The Russian-German Forum Conference room needed digital IR language distribution system in Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia....more