VISSONIC Joins Infocomm Exhibition 2020 Beijing

Infocomm Exhibition 2020 fianlly came to being from 28th-30th September in Beijing, China. 
It was not easy for all of us to join the show in this Special year 2020, we are doing all our best. And it came out 30,866 visitors went there to find what they needs.

We are introducing our products to customers

We have been making great effort to be innovative and build the best to our customers. We keep moving forward.

What we Showcasing:

Modular Seamless Switching Videowall Processor(One of 4K Seamless Modular Videowall Processor)


X9 series Modular video wall processor can realize graphics processing and seamless switching flexibly. The matrix adopts high-performance hardware design, perfectly supports a variety of high-definition digital / analog signal switching and processing, and supports two-way RS-232, two-way IR signal assigned switching function. It can also divide a completed image signal into several signals assigned to several different display unites, forming a large display screen to display dynamic images. It provides a one-stop solution for various industries to assign, switch and process a variety of video and control signals, which can be widely used in radio and television engineering, multimedia conference room, large-screen display engineering, television teaching, intelligent traffic management centers, command and control centers and other places.

5G WIFI Conference System(Can be wireless and wired)

 Multimedia Digital Conference Unit with Touch Screen(Can be wireless and wired)

Array Microphone Unit with Channel Selector

Full Digital Wired Discussion Unit with Physical Button

Muti-function Microphone Box+Full Digital Wired Discussion Unit with Physical Button

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