VISSONIC Showcase in ISE 2020 Amsterdam

The world's largest audiovisual and system integration exhibition ISE was held on February 11th at the RAI Amsterda. ISE is by far the most successful audiovisual and system integration exhibition in Europe. This exhibition is co-sponsored by InfoComm International and The Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association. It represents the highest authority of audiovisual technology in the commercial field and the most influential industry in the industry organization.

Although this year's exhibition is affected by the Coronavirus , many companies have cancelled their exhibition plans this year. However, VISSONIC still overcomes many challenges. On the premise of ensuring the health of employees and attendees, as expected, the latest audio and video equipment released in 2020 will be displayed at ISE2020.

In this exhibition, VISSONIC lauched the latest audio and video electronic equipment of 2020, including the flush mount microphone with physical buttons VIS-FFC-F1 / VIS-FFD-F1, 4-channel phantom power supply Called suppressor VIS-FS100, 4.3-inch display unit with dual backup microphones. To show you the new audio and video technology, let users experience the ultimate audiovisual experience.

VISSONIC's latest flush mount physical button microphone VIS-FFC-F1 / VIS-FFD-F1, complete functions, simple appearance, suitable for small to medium-sized conferences to large international conferences, it combines VIS-DCC-F / VIS- DCD-F, VIS-CSU-F, VIS-DVU-FS1, VIS-SPK-F and other flush mount units all features.
Comply with IEC 60914, GBT 15381-94, IEC CISPR 24 international standards; original patented appearance, low-key black design, touch icon button. The standard CAT5e is used as the connection cable and the RJ45 connector is convenient for standardized engineering wiring installation and subsequent maintenance. The installation of a cable clamp makes the system stronger and more stable, and the microphone can be plugged and unplugged.
With 3.5mm headphone jack. High-fidelity sound quality, lossless audio transmission technology, 48K audio sampling frequency, 20Hz ~ 20KHz response frequency. Excellent radio shielding, fearless mobile phone interference; 64 language channels, all channels support 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response, automatically adapt to and display the current application channel.
With channel selection button, volume adjustment button and OLED display. The channel selector is activated only when headphones are inserted, and the language channel is displayed. Plug in the headphones, the default is the floor original sound channel, and the volume and display brightness are in a comfortable range. High-fidelity speakers, and anti-static 8KV.

The 5-button voting button guides users to sign in, vote, confirm voting, and the buttons and indicators work as follows:
l Yes (+), no (-) and abstain (x) (support / objection, parliamentary vote);
l Digital voting 1 to 5 (election, survey of support rate);
l Rating:-,-, 0, +, ++ (audience feedback).
Use a computer to support more voting forms, up to 3000 seats, and a built-in contactless card reader.

VISSONIC's new 4-way phantom power howling suppressor VIS-FS100. This machine adopts many of the most perfect feedback suppression methods at present to achieve the purpose of increasing the microphone gain and controlling howling.

It is suitable for large, medium and small conference rooms, used to increase microphone gain and suppress howling caused by equipment and sound environment. Two methods, high-precision parametric equalization and high-fidelity frequency shifting, are adopted to improve the gain of sound transmission.
The howling point can be accurately found by sweeping the frequency, so as to achieve an accurate pressure point, and the impact on the sound is minimized.

The product description is as follows:
Ø 4 input signal channels and automatic mixing indicator display, easy to use and significant effect;
Ø Quick calibration button, which generates random noise for a few seconds at -6 dBr after pressing, enabling the feedback suppression algorithm to be quickly calibrated;
Ø With four suppressor functions 

The latest 4.3-inch display unit CLEACON Media series with dual backup microphones from VISSONIC is suitable for large, medium and small government and enterprise high-end conference rooms.

It complies with IEC 60914 and GBT 15381-94 international standards. Its exquisite and elegant structure design is in line with ergonomics and is very modern. Virtual touch button, no mechanical button sound, long life, and waterproof function, combined with the original AUDIO-LINK digital ring network technology digital audio processing and transmission technology, built-in high-performance CPU, faster processing speed, better sound quality.

“ hand in hand" connection technology, the failure or replacement of one extension will not affect the work of other extensions in the system, and a connection failure between extensions will not affect the system work, thus making the system more reliable The system has an automatic repair function and supports "hot plugging" of the line.

Supports 48 kHz audio sampling frequency, frequency response can reach 30 Hz ~ 20 kHz, gain and equalization can be adjusted independently (5 bands), and different volume and frequency response can be adjusted according to different speaker's voice characteristics until perfect effect is achieved.

Built-in high-pass filter (low-cut switch), it is convenient to cut off the low-frequency components in the sound when needed. The electret supercardioid unidirectional microphone, with a two-color turn-on indicator ring. Equipped with corresponding software modules, the functions are more comprehensive, and the voting function can be implemented. Simultaneous interpretation of up to 64 (1 + 63) channels can be achieved with the button sign-in function, and the frequency response of 64 channels can reach 30 Hz to 20 kHz. Channel selector, which can adjust the volume independently.

Strong anti-cell phone interference ability, the conference system can automatically or manually assign an ID to the conference unit, when used without a computer, it serves as a basic conference system. With the camera and video switcher, after using the computer preset, the camera can be automatically tracked. The chairman unit has convenient conference control functions.
The exquisite and stylish 4.3 '' touch screen is used to display more information about the progress of the meeting. It is the best choice for modern conference high-end meeting rooms.

In the audio and video industry, with more than 10 years of sales and research and development experience, VISSONIC clearly understands the customer's needs, the in-depth integration of IT technology, network communication technology and video products, and brings it to the design of our products.  VISSONIC team will never forget the original intention, and start from the needs of users to provide solutions and products that the market really needs! Make your own special product and provide different solutions.