VISSONIC-2020 Prolight-Sound Exhibition Guangzhou

The 2020 Prolight +Sound Exhibition Guangzhou  had came to an ended perfectly on 24th Aug 2020 . With 677 suppliers from Audio and Video industry joined, and 45,000 visitors took part in.
During the exhibition, VISSONIC showed the industry-leading 5G Wifi wireless conference  system, a full range networked digital DSP conference microphones, seamless docking Dante speakers, Seamless Modular videowall processor, splicing processor, audio control etc. And a series of audio and video peripheral products which help to complete project deployment also shown there.To mention Seamless Modular Videowall Processor, which is VISSONIC's new generation conference controller, our hot-sales.

The following is a graphic introduction to the key products we shown in this exhibition:

X9 Seamless Modular VIdeowall Processor

In the past, we saw that the video matrix and video splicing processor were mostly 720P or 1080P, which is very different from our newly launched 4K hybrid splicing matrix. This yearwe demonstrated at the exhibition the industry-leading single-screen 4K splicing  processor, it can realize the 4K single screen that is currently difficult to reach in the market and supports the characteristics of multiple windows. The more commonly used functions such as: character overlay, layer management, video rounds, it can pass a 08 ~ 288 channel The VISSONIC  X9  Seamless Modular VIdeowall Processor is implemented and deployed in major exhibition halls, theme halls, government and enterprise meetings, smart cities, dispatch command centers and other scenes that require large-screen demonstrations.

5GWi-Fi wireless conference system

What is wireless? It can be mobile, but there must be distance and direction restrictions when moving. As early as 2016, VISSONIC launched a 5G conference system to solve the pain points of traditional wireless and 2.4G wireless microphones. From the earliest launch of the 5G wireless conference system, we have continuously improved technical requirements. We have perfectly supported wireless 5G simultaneous interpretation, supported 5200 conference units, and supported up to 16 microphones at the same time. A high-tech company full of fresh blood, constantly improving its R&D capabilities To achieve highly recognized products in the industry.

All-in-one conference system (intelligent)

Intelligent? If I want to, I need to provide users with the most practical functions and simplify complex things into intelligence. Now the all-in-one conference system VIS-DMD-T debugging equipment can be debugged in the conference system unit, eliminating the complicated conference deployment steps! Through the 4.3-inch touch screen of the conference unit, you can quickly learn the conference theme and participant information;

Unique conference functions: eight-segment EQ audio debugging; multi-user speaking; viewing participants; tea application; voting; speaking user viewing, etc. A series of functions, humanized functional modules can also reduce user costs, such as Bluetooth , NFC, multi-user use, simultaneous interpretation module is determined by the user, liberalization, advancement, killing two birds with one stone!