Russian-German forum applies VISSONIC IR language system

The Background
In early July 2019, the Russian-German Forum held a framework meeting in the territory of Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia, to discuss opportunities for regional cooperation on politics, economy and civil society.

Russian-German forum applies VISSONIC IR language system(图1)
Russian-German forum applies VISSONIC IR language system(图2)

The meeting was organized at the initiative of the German Federal Senate and the Russian Federal Council,the territorial Government of the Kamchatka Peninsula.
The participants attended were: Valerie Bonomalev who is the German Federal Senator,the head of the Federal Council Cooperation Group; Vladimir Ilyukhin, the governor of Kamchatka; Matias Pratzek, the chairman of the German-Russian Forum; and the representatives from  the Federal Senate of Russia, the German Friendship Group. As well as the young German politicians, entrepreneurs and experts.

Russian-German forum applies VISSONIC IR language system(图3)
Valerie Bonomalev made important speech at the meeting and stressed the importance of the Forum not only in expanding inter-regional relations, but also in strengthening overall cooperation between the two countries.
Russian-German forum applies VISSONIC IR language system(图4)
Russian-German forum applies VISSONIC IR language system(图5)

Client requirement & solution

As the conference involved participants not only from the two countries, and to help multinational participants understand the content of the conference, VISSONIC Team proposed professional solutions to the conference organizers--VISSONIC's new generation of digital IR  language distribution system VLI series products. Which,stood out in many competitive products from different suppliers who quoted for this chance.

VLI digital IR language distribution system, which combines with infrared technology and the new network requirements, is our newly developed product. We no only consider the need for language translation for such kind of international conferences, but also the important confidentiality for Official Desktop meetings. And we know Infrared ray used, as a kind of light has no penetration and with good confidentiality. 

And list the featured characteristics as follows about our VLI digital IR language distribution system:
Complying with International IEC 61603-7 and IEC 60914 Standards
Compatible and cross-adaptable with other IR simultaneous interpretation systems conforming to IEC61603-7 standard
All-digital DQPSK digital modulation/demodulation technology guarantees sound quality and provides excellent auditory experience.
Audio data transmission in 2-8MHz band eliminates interference from high frequency lighting system
Provide up to 32 language channel options
Design of a beautiful ergonomic receiver
Friendly LCD interface displays current language name, current channel, signal strength, battery power, volume and other information.
The industry's original arc-shaped large angle, ultra-long-distance radiation panel, covering 76 meters, is a signal coverage tool for thousands of square meters of large venues.
Seamless Integration Docking with AUDIO-LINK Network Interface and VISSONIC Language CLEACON Series Conference System
Open DANTE Network Interface, Accessible to DANTE Audio Network
To ensure the equipments work best for the success of the meeting, we VISSONIC project team provided excellent on-site support: We personally took the equipments to the meeting site in Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia. We helped the facility installation, testing and kept stay until the Forum meeting was succussfully completed.

And the products we provideds as listed:
A total of 68 VIS-VLI703A-8 series Digital IR Receivers with headphones
2 VIS-TC50A Receiver Charging and Storage Box
2 VIS-VLI701A Digital Infrared Radiators
1 VIS-VLI700A-8  8 Channel Digital Infrared Transmitter
2 VIS-INT64 Full Digital IR Interpreter Unit

Russian-German forum applies VISSONIC IR language system(图6)
Russian-German forum applies VISSONIC IR language system(图7)

Customer Feedback

"The product design is concise and atmospheric. It adopts the latest electronic technology which has many language channels, simple operation and easy to understand. It makes the work of translators easier and more importantly, the sound quality is impeccable.
From product production, equipment on-site testing, equipment transportation to meeting site settings and testing, VISSONIC carred out  the whole process of tracking, product quality ensuring, while the perfect operation of products ensuring  in the whole meeting layout process. "

From product quality to service, VISSONIC has received unanimous praise and praise from our clients.